Drugs are not fresh to the world. It is not always considered as negative. No-one can deny merits of drugs in fighting diseases, allaying pain and motivating an exhausted body. But lately, drugs are misused and abused.

Drug addiction this is definitely state or condition by which a person has lost the facility of self-control as regards to the particular drug. Being hooked on Drugs involves three different phenomena:

Tolerance – It is characterized by the diminished effect found on the addict of the same dose of drug in a period of time.

Physical dependence – It is illustrated by what eventually happens to the addict when he doesn’t get his drug. He experience the intense discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

Habituation – It refers to the emotional or psychological dependence no matter the addict on narcotic drug. In other words he seek clonazepam to flee from emotional problems.

Outcome of Drugs on Individual

1. Individuals become addicted.

2. Absence of interest with studies, sports as well as other activities of daily life.

3. Loss of appetite and reduce in body capacity disease.

4. impairment of intelligence, memory and body coordination.

5. Damage to brain cells.

6. Indulgence in crime.

7. Accidents and mishaps.

8. Tendency to commit suicide.

Effects of Drugs on Family

1. Family becomes hostile to drug abuser because he demands for cash and often even steal money and other household goods.

2. Poor reputation in neighbourhood.

3. Quarrels in family.a

4. Sometimes drug abuser may develop disease like AIDS, Hepatitis B etc due to sharing of syringes and needles with other drug abusers and when he endure family, the other users of family can also be at greater risk of having such diseases.

Results of Drugs in Society

In a society if youth are fell prey to drugs, then no society or nation can progress for the development. Education will suffer, jobs and occupation will suffer. society becomes victim of crimes. Expenditure of government will boost as drug de-addiction centres have to establish. Then surveillance teams have in order to make the keep check on drug dealing.

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