Alcohol Addiction Recovery

The prevalence of alcohol addiction in our society should come as no surprise.  All day and every day, we are faced with commercials that trigger our desire to drink.  Alcohol ads are at every sporting event, and drinking is featured in television, movies, and on the Internet.   Such advertising is designed to make a person believe that life can be easy, fun, and without consequences.  It leads potential addicts to believe that the pleasure of the moment is all that counts.  Is it any wonder that those with a genetic predisposition to alcoholism so often fall prey to it?

Our Rehab Program

We offer a variety of alcoholism treatment options to suit every individual.   We have a standard 30, 60, or 90-day residential treatment programs, and also offer a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) program.  Our PHP program includes daily programming, structured group therapy, and weekly individual therapy sessions, and offers greater access to the community and outside support group meetings. The purpose of PHP is to move clients away from around-the-clock supervision and gain more real-life experience in the community.  The least restrictive of our treatment programs provides care three days a week for a minimum of three hours per day and is intended to reintegrate these individuals back into society while further developing aftercare/discharge plans, exploring job and/or volunteer opportunities, and preparing to make the transition to the next step in their recovery. Contact us today!

How it Started:  You cannot hope to defeat the demons that drove you to drink without knowing where they hide. The first step in the recovery process delves into what brought you to this point in your life.  Our therapy uncovers hidden memories and motivations that underlie your dependence on alcohol.

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